Eld Alex Lee

End-of-Year Facebook Status Update


During the Christmas festive period, especially when we draw near to the end of a year, do you receive newsletters from people who send you greetings and updates of their family?  I get these newsletters often and appreciate the efforts of friends for such updates.  It’s especially wonderful to receive news from friends whom I’ve not seen for a while, to look at pictures of how their children have grown, and to admire their achievements made in the past year.


Reflections - 31 August 2014

Last weekend, I was tested on my vocabulary skills in a class and was rewarded with some chocolate when I came out tops in class!  Well, the highlight of the reward was not really the chocolate but that the answers in that vocabulary test was intended for a specific person to hear and that person happened to be standing next to me when it was read out.


Today is Father’s Day and I would like to wish all fathers a blessed Father’s Day, and pray that our Heavenly Father will richly bless all fathers in PSPC with a deep sense of love, joy and peace.


In our first month of the year, we have been listening to excellent messages about the triune God, and recently, on the nature of Man. This has been a good time of recognition and recalling of the nature and greatness of our loving Heavenly Father, who is also the Almighty Creator.

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