Eld Lawrence Chia


SG 50 has stimulated and seen considerable celebrations for both country and church.  The JDOP on Sunday 5 July was indeed a high point for Christians in Singapore.  We can never thank and praise the Lord adequately for His abundant blessings these past 50 years when church growth has paralleled national development.  We, in PSPC, have been very much part of, at least the beneficiaries of, both.


Never before has Singapore seen such an overwhelming outpouring of grief and gratitude.  Many if not all of us in Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church (PSPC) can identify and even resonate with the sadness and sorrow at the passing of founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew.  Equally, we can echo and endorse the great gratitude people feel for what he has done for this country and all who are able to make a home and a living here.  Much has been said and written about Mr Lee Kuan Yew and much more will continue to be said and written.  Even before he passed away, we witnessed the flood of fee


By now, most if not all of us, would have recognised God’s guidance in one of the biggest – if not the biggest in both magnitude and complexity – decision we have had to make in PSPC in the last few decades.  For many this recognition or realisation has truly been God’s gracious provision and promise.  This, in turn, has much to do with the increasing and deepening prayer life we have seen in PSPC.


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