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          In our current sermon series on Spiritual Gifts, Dr Philip Satterthwaite preached on 6 May from 1 Corinthians 14 on the gifts of prophecy and tongues.  With incisive exegesis, he set out a non-cessationist explanation.  In other words, there is no reason to believe that such spiritual gifts have ceased after the apostolic age.  Instead, Paul’s overarching concern was orderliness in public worship – that tongues must be accompanied by interpretation – not to suppress or stop any particular gifts.


Walking with the Living God

Is God doing a new work in your life?  Are you becoming more and more like our Lord Jesus with each passing day?  Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you?  When was the last time you experienced the Lord?  When did you last bask in His presence and simply worshiped Him with everything within you?  Does His Word come alive as you read and meditate on it?  Does your heart sing for joy as you think of Who He is and who you are in Christ?  Have you shared the Gospel with someone lately?

Joy In The Lord

In the middle of this year, I had several major decisions to make and many issues to deal with including leadership, management, ministry, work and people issues.  Difficult decisions had to be made in the marketplace arena which would impact the direction of my life.  It was getting me flustered, anxious, torn, uncertain, … you get the drift.  Maybe mid-life crisis?


You are Meant to Move Mountains by Jon Bloom

I recently read this article which has reminded and encouraged me to live a life of faith. Faith in God and in His Word pleases God and my prayer is that each of us will be men and women of faith; who will boldly stand on His Word and His promises.  Let us not be content with a life of mediocrity and apathy but live a life God intended for us to live a life of victory in and through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Indeed, we are meant to move mountains. 

God Our Fortress & God’s People, Our Family

Are you or have you been discouraged?  Struggling with your studies?  Is pain part of your life?  Uncertainty about your finances or career plaguing your sleep?  Been hurt by a loved one or harassed by the demands of family and job?  Disheartened with the result of our last health check?  Disappointed with your lot in life or disillusioned with people and relationships?  Guilt ridden because of something you said or done?

Operation Andrew?

Last Sunday, the Visitors’ Corner at the Fellowship Hall was set up. Some of you may have noticed it. A few of you came up to speak to the visitors who were seated there and others encouraged the team who were helping out. It was heartwarming.

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