Esther Ng


In view of the Social Concern Sunday on the 13 September, PSPC is launching the blood donation drive to encourage eligible congregants to contribute to this good cause.  We give thanks to those who have responded and signed up for this donation drive.  Besides donating blood, there are many other avenues for us to help the poor and needy in our society as well.  The youths in Prinsep Lighthouse are preparing to step out to extend our generosity and appreciation to the foreign workers who are at our doorsteps.


My first encounter with BB and GB was in 2012 when I joined Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church as a staff with our BB 1st Company and GB 7th Company.  Prior to that, I only heard about them but had no knowledge and encounter with them.  Ever since my involvement, I began to know more about BB and GB, especially its history.  I am encouraged to learn how God used His faithful people, Mr James Milner Fraser to start BB in 1930 and Ms Elsie Lyne to start GB in 1927 in Singapore.  Would they have expected the BB and GB to have gone this far?  I doubt so.

Consider Jesus

I remember that when I was a teenager, I went through a structured experience conducted by Youth For Christ. It was an experience of being an “underground” Christian. When I was “caught” by the persecutor, I was “forced” to renounce my faith. My faith was put to the test. Though it was just a makeup scenario but it was a very impactful lesson for me. We are very blessed to live in a multi-racial and multi-religious country where we are allowed the freedom to practice and share our Christian faith. We are spared from experiencing persecution.

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