Pr Joshua Woo

A Word on Church Growth Methods

Christianity is a missionary faith. It aims to make everyone into Christ’s disciples. Thus, numerical growth is a major characteristic of the faith since its beginning. All believers are to share the Gospel to everyone they know in order to increase kingdom membership.  However, this is so much easier said than done.


The difficulty is not so much in how to increase numbers but in what numbers we want to increase?

SG50 and Christianity’s Jubilee

Singapore will celebrate 50th anniversary next year. The SG50 committee was set up to see through various events and programs to commemorate this important milestone.

Many are using the common phrase "golden Jubilee" to mark this anniversary. And of course the word "Jubilee" came from ancient Israel's religious tradition. For this reason, many Christians tend to see the SG50 celebration in relation to the "Jubilee" in Leviticus 25-27.

Galileo Affair: Faith Versus Reason/Science?

In the past, I liked to play a Role-Playing-Game (RPG) called Diablo.  Like other RPG games, players need to overcome many opponents.  So I had to fight with many characters in the game in order to win.

However, a strange thing about the game is that the characters that I had defeated could never die.  They kept coming up again and again.  And I had to fight them over many times.

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