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In the past few years, the Believers have presented several drama-musicals, namely "Odyssey of Grace", “Broken-Up People” and “On The Edge”. The preparations leading up to and the actual days of presenting the musical were for us a real life lesson on God's grace. Here are some details of our journey and the magnitude of His grace.

The People - God brought together a team of about 40-50 people in each of these musicals; …from singers, actors, dancers, stagehands, prop-makers, sound and lighting engineers to transport providers. The participants ranged from teenagers to those in their fifties. God taught us to work together as one body (no matter the age or background) to proclaim the good news to those who do not know Him through music and song.

The Toil - Many helpers came together to work on the props. The prop-makers worked late into the night to create props that were amazingly 'real'; from paper mache roast chickens, wine shelves with bottles, food stalls, hairdressing salons, locker rooms, golf driving range, etc. Their talents and creativity were inspiring. Long practices for the singers, dancers and actors were also part of putting the musical together. Some of our practices lasted 10-12 hours.

The Obstacles - Every year, some of the singers/helpers fell ill the week leading up to the performances. Some lost their voices, had the flu or food poisoning and some others were told by their companies that they may need to be sent out of the country for work that week. We knew that this was a spiritual battle for souls. We prayed and waited on the Lord.

The Answered Prayers - In His grace and perfect timing, everything fell into place on our performance days. The singers/ helpers who were ill were healed, voices returned, traveling plans were shelved and our unity in Him was evident.

The Preparation - Before each presentation, we gathered to pray and praise. We had marvelous times of intercession and worship.

The Presentations - The presentations on all the days went, by God's grace, very well. The actors remembered their lines, the singers, their lyrics and choreography, the stagehands, their positions and the technical crew, their cues.

The Blessings - New friendships were formed and existing friendships deepened. We experienced tremendous joy in working together, praying together and serving Him in this outreach. Just being part of His plan was a tremendous blessing to us.

The Lessons - We learnt that His grace is sufficient for us and His strength is made perfect in our weakness. We learnt to depend on Him in all areas. We better understood God's heart for the lost and His desire to reach each one of them. The lyrics of the songs sung and words of the musical spoke to us and reminded us that God's love is amazing and unbelievable. Were it not for His grace, we all would not have been there.

All glory to God!

The Believers

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