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Venice. The name itself conjures up images of luxury, of refinement, and of extravagant splendour. As the Most Serene Republic of Venice, for over a thousand years it was one of the most powerful entities in the world, and a leading European economic and trading power during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.


In addition to being an economic and trading power, the Venetians were a formidable cultural force — nowhere in Europe was church music as showy, and Venice was the place where music books were printed for export all over Europe. The centre of musical attention was undoubtedly San Marco (St Mark's Basilica), which was not Venice's cathedral but the private chapel of the doges (dukes) of Venice. Nevertheless, the other major churches and chapels of the city also had splendid musical foundations.


As a sampler of the delights of Venetian sacred music, we present a seleion of splendid music for Christmas by composers associated with Venice: primarily Claudio Monteverdi (2017 being Monteverdi 450),  but also Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli, Alessandro Grandi, Giovanni Croce, and of course, Antonio Vivaldi. These will be performed with liturgically appropriate chants in the context of a reconstrued Christmas Eve Vespers as might have been heard at the church of San Giorgio Maggiore between 1600 and 17o0 A.D.


The singers will be accompanied by bowed and plucked strings, winds, and organ, mostly reproduions or copies of instruments from the period and played in a historically-informed style. Come see and hear a Venetian Baroque Christmas.


The event is free, but we require ticket reservations on Eventbrite for crowd control purposes. The ticket will give you priority entry into the venue but seating is limited and on a first-come first-served basis.

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About Us


Cappella Martialis (Latin for ‘The Tuesday Singing Group’) coalesced in 2011 as a colleive of singers enthused about the lesser-known gems of the early choral tradition from the Baroque and before, particularly the Renaissance and Mediæval periods. Our aims are to sing sacred music liturgically and secular music in historically-informed performance. We are not religiously-affiliated and welcome new singers. Instruments are added as appropriate for the repertoire. We also have a small band for Mediæval, Renaissance, early Baroque, and Middle-Eastern instrumental dance music.


New  singers  and  instrumentalists  with  an  interest  in  HIP  (Historically-Informed Performance) are always welcome. Conta us at [email protected]-martial  .com to join us.  We are always delighted to share knowledge, so please feel free to talk to us after the concert about our choice of repertoire and our instruments.


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Saturday, December 9, 2017 - 20:00