Chinese Miniistry-Recruitment





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事工 Involvement

事奉范围与条件 Basic scope and requirement


崇拜主席 * Worship Leader

必须是本堂受洗会友,接受过基本崇拜训练 Member of Prinsep, have basic worship leading training



崇拜领诗 ** Lead Sing/ Cantors

熟悉华文字,有基本崇拜培训,符合基本唱歌技巧 Able to recognise Chinese characters, have basic worship training and singing skill.



司琴 :钢琴/ 键盘 ** Musician : Keyboard

熟悉钢琴/ 键盘伴奏,识谱 Familiar with electronic keyboard, able to read music scores



乐手 :吉他 ** Musician : Guitarists

熟悉乐器伴奏,识谱 Familiar with accompaniment, skillful with chords



视频与音响 PA/ LCD Projectionists

能操控视频与音响器材,视力听力良好。细心专注力强 Able to operate AVA equipment, training provided



查经班组长 * Cell Group Leader

必须是本堂受洗会友,接受过基本查经训练 Member of Prinsep, have basic Bible study training



接待新朋友 Befriender

能讲流利华语,分享福音 Able to speak Mandarin, training provided



招待员 Usher

能提前到,做场地预备。带人入座。 Arrive early, location preparation, usher guests to seats



探访 Visitation

能灵活安排时间,会说些许方言,乐意关怀服事 Able to free up your time, can speak some dialect and willing to serve






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8.00am  / 8.45am  / 11.00am


若有询问请拨电或简讯留言 97677307 (丽贞)。填写完整表格请投入教会三楼办公室信箱。谢谢!

Contact Wong Lee Jeng for enquiry or kindly drop this form into Church Office letterbox on 3rd level. Thank you.

* 愿意参与者须接受面试与指导。 **愿意参与者将接受试音与弹奏面试。

Please note that audition or interview may be conducted to assess suitability and best fit so that serving would be a joy!