Chinese Ministry

The Chinese Ministry will begin the weekly sermon and Bible study on the book of Esther with effect from next Sunday (2 July).

02/7       讲道                                             强权下的蔷薇 (一)

09/7       查经         以斯帖记 1:1-2:1         宫廷纷乱显神权

16/7       讲道                                             强权下的蔷薇 (二)

23/7       查经         以斯帖记 2:2-18          才德淑女入皇宫

30/7       查经         以斯帖记 2:19-23        万事都互相效力

The Chinese Ministry wish to recruit more Mandarin-speaking congregants to serve as: (1) Ushers, (2) Befrienders; (3) PA/LCD crew; (4) Outreach; (5) Musicians, etc.  Those who wish to respond or make enquiries may contact Pr Cheam Wan Xian ([email protected]).

Sunday, July 2, 2017 (All day)