Young Adult Ministry

Our Mission

To nurture a community of young adults rooted in the Word of God and equipped as witnesses of Christ to all peoples ready to engage the world.


Vision: To be a community of Young Adults committed to:

  •          Personal Spirituality (Self)

    o   Thinking Christianly

    o   Seeking God fervently

    o   Living Biblically

  •          Service & Community (Church)

    o   Building strong Christian friendships

    o   Serving as Christian leaders

  •          Outreach & Evangelism (World)

    o   Discipling young adults from all nations

    o   Engaging communities and cultures


About Us

The YACHT is a ministry hosted at Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church. Currently, we meet regularly on Saturday afternoons from 4:00pm to 6:30pm, where we enjoy fellowship, worship, and also a time of learning God’s Word through the Discipleship Group. Every now and then, we have fun activities such as trekking, games night, movie night, etc. Come and join us!


Our main spoken language is English, but it doesn't matter if you don't feel perfectly comfortable in English. Come join us anyway and we can help you to improve it! One more thing, there is absolutely no commitment expected from you whatsoever, so don't be afraid to just come and have a look.


What do we offer?


Regardless of whether or not you call yourself a ‘Christian’, you're always welcome to join us for a meal and discussion, or any of the various activities/outings that we organise from time to time. We really enjoy making friends and spending time with people from different cultures and learning more about and from you!



We are an excellent place where one can learn more about Christianity through the Bible. Our Saturday Discipleship Group emphasizes the application of God’s Word to the challenges and situations we face in life. Do feel free to drop by and connect with us!


Find us on Facebook: The Campus Hub @PSPC.


For any enquiry about YACHT, please contact Aaron at [email protected].