Youth Ministry

Prinsep Lighthouse (PLH) is the youth ministry of Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church. It is meant for youths aged 13-18 years old to come together every Sunday for a fellowship as well as to worship God and learn more about Him.


The youths are divided into three categories according to their age: “Juniors” (13 and 14 year-old), “Middlers” (15 and 16 year-old), and “Seniors” (17 and 18 year-old). Each category is further divided into three groups, which are known as “Discipleship Groups” (DGs) led by dedicated adult mentors.


The PLH activity starts at 11am with a time of “praise and worship” (P&W), led by youths. After the P&W time, there will be “Care Group” time, or a short sermonette, or other activities before the youths break into their own respective DG for Bible study until 1pm. Twice a month for 20 mins, Care Groups led by the senior youths will come together for a time of sharing and praying for one another. By doing that, we hope to achieve bonding between the senior and junior youths, as well as for the senior youths to learn leading in small groups. Occasionally PLH organizes outreach events, retreats, outings and camps. PLH also seeks to reach out to the Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Brigade from Pioneer Secondary School.
For any enquiries about PLH, please contact Esther Ng (Youth Worker) at [email protected]