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by Chia Gaik Bee
77 Prinsep Street

As one walks into the church today, it is startling to realise that less than 

20 years ago, the sanctuary looked quite different. The doors opened on 

to verandahs on either side, and the tall windows along the walls of the 

sanctuary could be tilted for ventilation. Behind the sanctuary, the four- 

storey annexe that comprises the rest of the church building is only about 

25 years old.

Over the years, the building in the church grounds have changed to meet 

the different needs of the time. These changes also reflect the different 

phases of the church and its ministries. One way to follow the history of 

the church is to trace the changing landscape at 77 Prinsep Street.

1843 – the Malay Chapel

Benjamin Keasberry built the Malay Chapel in 1843, with subscriptions 

raised from the residents of Singapore. It was also known informally as 

Greja Keasberry (Keasberry’s church).

1886 – the Chinese preacher’s quarters

Rev JAB Cook purchased the property from the 

London Missionary Society for the English

Presbyterian Mission. The Teochew 

Tekkha congregation which had been

started by Cook shared the premises 

with the Straits Chinese

worshippers, holding Teochew 

services in the chapel. 

A home was built on the

church grounds for the Chinese 

preacher, and a Widows’ House

for the Chinese Tekkha church 

was also built next to it.


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