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down in 1958, and in its place a three-storey storey building was completed, with a multi- 

building with a Manse and Social Hall was purpose hall, rooms for the kindergarten and 

erected. This also provided more rooms for Sunday School classes, a library, manse, 

the kindergarten and Sunday School, as well office and a roomy kitchen. Services were 

as the BB and GB.held at the multi-purpose hall in addition to 

those at the sanctuary.

1996 – A larger, air-conditioned sanctuary

The sanctuary 

had been built 

at a time when 


did not exist. 

For some time, 

the leadership 

had considered 
1989 – The rebuilding of the manse and 
installing air- 
Social Hall
In the eighties, the Tamil Methodist Church 
in the sanctuary, but held back because of 
wanted to purchase the state land between 
the possibility that the sanctuary could be 
their church and PSPC for its expansion. 
gazetted as a national monument. A motion 
The Land Office asked if PSPC wanted to 
to install air-conditioning in the sanctuary was 

contest this purchase. The church did so put forward at the 1995 ACM. This generated 

successfully, and bought half of the land from 
vigorous debate, with discussion on whether it 
the government. This was timely, as it enabled 
was a wise use of money, versus the comfort 
the church to accommodate the needs of the 
of the congregation. In the end, the proposal 
growing congregation and the many ministry 
was rejected.
activities that had sprung up.

The following year, the matter was again 
In 1986, at 
discussed at the ACM. Considerations included 
the Annual 
the need for more space as the sanctuary was 
at its capacity, the comfort of the members, 
Meeting (ACM), 
and the failure of applications for the sanctuary 

approval was given 
to be gazetted as a national monument. The 
to construct a larger 
motion to renovate and air-condition the 
building. Rev Joe 
sanctuary was carried with a vote of 206 for the 
Mock drove the first 
proposal, 47 against and 7 spoilt votes.
pile into the ground 

in June 1988, and The sanctuary was expanded to the verandah, 

in 1989, a new four-with the pillars forming the boundary. Glass


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