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panels were placed between the pillars to act 

as new walls so that air conditioning could be 

installed. The number of people that could 

be accommodated in the sanctuary was 


2000 – A historic site and national 


On 12 January 2000, PSPC was declared 

Singapore’s 41st historic site, as the 

birthplace of the Boys’ Brigade Movement 

in Singapore. PSPC was also gazetted as a 

national monument. Thus, the church has 

been preserved for future generations.

The sanctuary has been built in such a way 

that it does not have piled foundations (rest 

assured, the four-storey building behind the 

sanctuary definitely has foundations!). As 

people come and go and buildings change, 

we look to our Lord Jesus Christ, the 

cornerstone of the Church, as the Church’s 

true foundation.


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