I Have Passed My Probation!

There is a saying “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”.  For me to be able to successfully serve fulltime, I have a supportive husband, Michael Goh, behind me.  Without his support, I would not have the courage to serve in church.  He knows me best and knows my temperament, and with him being a Human Resource expert, I trusted his recommendation to take on the role.


My first leap of faith in 2002 was also from his encouragement.  Knowing that I did not have any background in Sunday School ministry, he still encouraged me to take on the Superintendent role.  He then encouraged me to take on the GB 7th Company Captain’s role in 2010.  In 2015, when we discussed about me returning to the workforce now that both our daughters are overseas, his criterion for me was that the job must not affect my responsibilities in the GB.  Honestly, I did try to use returning to work as an excuse for me to step down from the GB because I felt my age is catching up and the thought of going for camps again really scare me.  However, Michael was adamant that with no successor in the pipeline, stepping down from the GB is a no go.


We went through many rounds of discussions about the importance of the GB.  Firstly, by God’s grace, this is the only Christian CCA group, alongside the BB, in the schools.  The girls we are reaching out to in Pioneer Secondary School are generally from non-Christian families.  I have also been able to bond well with the girls.  In fact, 2 of them even treated Michael and I like their god-parents.  Hence, the both of us felt the burden to continue to reach out to the girls even after they have graduated.  However, my concerns were that with age catching up and my energy level dropping, I may not be able to cope with these bubbly teenagers for long.


God knew my concerns, and in His amazing way, sent Pastor Edwin Wong from True Way Presbyterian Church to preach at PSPC.  It was during the Missions-in-Focus month in July 2015.  Pastor Edwin talked about his work as a Youth Pastor and shared that youth ministry can also be led by someone not as youthful.  After hearing his sermon, I know I have no excuses to run away from the GB.

In my own devotion readings, God also reminded me that He is coming soon.  This was also echoed by the GB Brigade Chaplain when I received my 5-year service award in July 2015.  This reminded me of the urgency to continue to reach out to and share the Gospel with the girls, until they come to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.


Our initial thought then was for me to look for a youth worker job in other churches because serving in a ministry in one’s home church and working in one’s home church is a very different ball game.  There isn’t much precedence too.  So I wrote to Rev Darryl about my intention and asked if he knew of any vacancies which I could apply for.  The rest, as they said, is history.


It has been an exciting and emotional 7 months as a Staffworker.  Besides my GB portfolio, I was given the opportunity to be involved in the Alpha course, PSPC Arts Exhibition and Welcome Team which opened up my eyes to see the exciting new ways of reaching out to non-believers.


I used to be able to hibernate at home for 5 days to get my energy charged up for the weekend for the GB.  But now, meeting and talking to people every day can be emotionally taxing, so this is quite a big adjustment for me.  I also missed my 2 hours’ quiet time, my daily swimming routine and my afternoon naps.  Thank God that He kept me so busy that I have no time to miss my “tai tai” lifestyle.


I like to thank all of you who been so encouraging and supportive these past 7 months.  A special shout-out too to all in the Church Office who had adjusted to my loud voice and laughter and taken such good care of me all the time.  You have all been such a blessing to me.


Finally, I would like you to pray for the 4 BB/GB Companies and the many graduates whom we are still maintaining contact with.  The harvest is truly plentiful and we need more workers to come forward to serve together with us too!


When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.  Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

(Matthew 9:36-38)


Mrs Jess Goh

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