It has always been my burden as Senior Pastor for PSPC to continue to uphold the biblical vision of marriage and family.  That is why in PSPC’s long-term vision, one of the ‘P’s in PSPC stands for Parenting and Marriage.  To that end, the Family Life Ministry was launched this year in tandem with our church theme of “Christ-centred Relationships, Godly Families.”  With the coming of the annual Pink Dot movement on 4 June, it is a reminder to the Christian community in Singapore that there are societal and cultural forces that threaten to erode the institution of marriage and family.


The Pink Dot movement was started in 2009 and has been held annually at Hong Lim Park.  Starting with only 2,500 participants when it was first launched, it has grown to 28,000 participants by 2015.  Its website describes itself as “a non-profit movement started by a group of individuals who care deeply about the place that LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) Singaporeans call home.  It is a group for everyone, straight and gay, who support the belief that everyone deserves the freedom to love.”  Therefore, the Pink Dot movement is essentially an activist group that seeks to lobby for greater acceptance and normalization of LGBT values and behaviors in mainstream society.  What are some ways that PSPC is responding?


A.      Healing for Sexual Brokenness


          The activism of the Pink Dot movement needs to be distinguished from those who struggle with sexual brokenness and are seeking healing and recovery.  When I first started pastoral ministry years ago, I counselled a Christian who was struggling with homosexuality and was looking for a way out (this person was not from PSPC).  Those few months of counselling opened me up to the profound brokenness and family of origin issues that might have contributed to homosexuality.  Despite the fact that that was considered one of the most challenging counselling cases that I have encountered, I still believe that God has called the church to be a shelter and refuge for recovering LGBT people.  Furthermore, as mentioned in my sermon on 3 April, there are ministry resources within the Christian community, e.g. Focus on the Family provides resources for individuals and parents (


B.       Christian Education


          PSPC will uphold the biblical teachings on marriage and family through the pulpit ministry.  There will be a topical sermon series from end July to mid September that will cover parenting, singlehood, marriage and sexuality.



Topic/ Passage


31 July


Rev Dr Jimmy Tan

(Trinity Theological College)

7 August


14 August

PCS 135th Anniversary Combined Service

Worship Service at Singapore Indoor Stadium

21 August


Dr Eileen Poh (Discipleship Training Centre)

28 August


Pastor Benjamin Lee (Focus on the Family)

4 September


11 September

Christian Sexuality

          Furthermore, we are promoting 2 titles which are being sold at the Fellowship Hall today.  “Marriage and Family: A Christian Perspective” ($9) by Bishop Emeritus Robert Solomon is meant to uphold biblical teachings on marriage and family on one hand while “Born Gay?” ($10) by Dr John Tay is meant to respond to the LGBT agenda by addressing the misconception that homosexuality is genetically-determined.  We will like to recommend these books to the congregation so that we can deepen our understanding and sharpen our response to LGBT issues.


C.      Family Life Ministry


It is timely and essential for PSPC to launch the Family Life Ministry to strengthen marriages and families because discipleship takes place firstly in the context of the family.  Diagnostic tools such as Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis (TJTA) are used to help dating couples to gauge their relationship compatibility and dynamics; PREPARE-ENRICH is used for couples attending the Marriage Preparation Class.  Dating couples may approach Mrs Debbie Chen; couples who wish to attend the Marriage Preparation Class may approach Pr Victor Chan.  In addition, there are also co-workers here in PSPC who are specialise in counselling, psychology, psychiatry and social work who can provide advice and support to congregants in a non-professional setting.  For further enquiries on how you can seek help from these co-workers, please contact Pr Victor Chan.


Since last year, PSPC has partnered with Focus on the Family to conduct the Parenting with Confidence workshop for parents with children from 0-6 years old.  This August, we will conduct the workshop for parents with children from 7-12 years old (please refer to the bulletin insert); next year, it will be for 13-18 years old.  In this way, the Parenting with Confidence workshop will become an annual signature event for the Family Life Ministry as we support congregants in every stage of their parenting journey.


D.      The Denominational Response


          One distinctive of Presbyterianism is that we are connectional so that PSPC, as part of the larger body of The Presbyterian Church in Singapore (PCS), can unite with other member churches to uphold a common Christian witness.  At the Synod AGM in March, a motion was moved to amend the Constitution to uphold the biblical definition of marriage and family as well as to require all Pastoral Staff, Elders and Deacons to abide by this definition.  At the moment, the Synod is fine-tuning this constitutional amendment.  When it is ready, all member churches will need to move a motion in our respective ACMs to adopt the amendment into our own Constitution.  In this way, we ensure that the denominational and local church leadership take the lead to uphold the biblical position.  The PCS is also part of the larger Christian community represented by the National Council of Churches in Singapore (NCCS).  We need to pray that our political leaders, Christians in various spheres of influence, as well as national and denominational church leaders will continue to stand firm and uphold what is true and right so that marriages and families will flourish and thrive in Singapore.


When the church loses its saltiness, society will fall into decay; when the church loses its light, the world will plunge into darkness.  May this generation understand the times and know what it means to stand firm for God, for truth and for the next generation.  Amen.


Rev Darryl Chan

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