This report was presented by Rev Darryl Chan at the ACM on 8 April 2017.

It contains key manpower updates and projection as well as an appeal for the congregation to remain united, strong and courageous to fulfill God’s kingdom purposes.


By God’s grace, 2017 marks my 20th year as PSPC communicant member, 10th year in pastoral ministry and the completion of first term as Senior Minister.  When I first accepted the call to serve as Senior Minister in 2013, I asked for the congregation to pray for me.  After 4 years, as I mark the completion of the first term, I repeat the same thing – pray for me.  Let us remember the Pastoral and Admin Team in prayer as you read about staff updates and manpower projection.

·        Last year, I was deeply thankful for the support of the staff and leadership so that I could go away on my first 3-month sabbatical from June - August to rest, renew and retool.  That sabbatical was crucial in allowing me to discern what God has in store for me and for PSPC.

·        Last December, Pr Victor Chan resigned to continue with his Master of Counselling at SBC.  We are thankful for Rev Chiam Cheng Kiat who took over the SMF Thursday Bible study.  We also deployed our intern, Aldran Wong, to support the SMF committee.

·        In terms of staff development, Esther Ng is doing her part-time Master of Christian Studies with BGST.

·        We also witnessed God’s sovereign hand at work to enable Mary Chhuani to obtain dependent passes for the rest of the family to stay in Singapore.  The Session will be writing to the English Presbytery to start Mary on the Preachership.  Her additional ministry portfolio will include congregational care which involves visitation and bereavement ministry.


In terms of manpower projection, the Pastoral Team is still short of a staff for our youth and young adult ministry.  As I had reported before, the recruitment for this position has been ongoing ever since Pr Joshua Woo completed his term and returned to Penang.  Although we have not been able to recruit for this position, this is no longer such an urgent position to fill.  This is because our former PIP intern, Adriel Yeo, has started his 3-year Bachelor of Divinity in TTC in May 2016 and is due to graduate in mid-2019.


Thus, our recruitment focus has shifted to fill the ministry portfolio for adults, seniors, congregational care and family life ministry.  This position is important not just because of the ministries involved but also for the expansion of ministry.  Upon my return from sabbatical, I explored with the Session of the future need to start a Saturday 5pm service.  Due to our space constraint on Sunday, this is the way to expand our outreach.  There are 2 key criteria for this major initiative to proceed: (1) The building up of more worship teams and (2) The recruitment of an additional Pastoral Staff to increase overall manpower capacity.  Every now and then, the English Presbytery will surface prospective candidates for PSPC to consider, so we ask for your prayers for God’s provision.


Meanwhile, God has already provided in other ways.  As stated in the bulletin announcement over the past few Sundays, we are making breakthroughs to develop the Chinese ministry.  The reasons for this initiative are:

·        Evangelism/ Discipleship – To expand our outreach to Mandarin-speaking locals and foreigners and for them to develop their spiritual life and discipleship in a Mandarin-speaking environment.

·        Pastoral Care – To enhance our ministry to Mandarin-speaking parents of our congregants, particularly in times of visitation, hospitalization and bereavement, so that PSPC can minister to the entire family unit.

·        Social Concern – To extend our social concern into evangelism and discipleship for our Love in Action ministries (Sarah SAC and Prison Ministry) which are predominantly Mandarin-speaking in nature.


The development of the Chinese Ministry will see a step-wise transition of the monthly gathering into a weekly gathering before transiting into a full-fledged Mandarin service in 2018.  We give thanks that God has provided Pr Cheam Wan Xian to join the Pastoral Team.  She will be presented and introduced to the congregation on Easter Sunday and we look forward to her joining the team from 17 April onwards.


We continue to witness God’s work in the life of PSPC by raising up even more young people to come forward to explore full-time ministry.  The Session has endorsed Levene Wong to start PIP internship to explore a missions calling.  She will be doing a part-time internship with PSPC while she serves part-time with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  She will also start internship from 17 April onwards.


Finally, we had conducted the election of Eld Kelvin Chan as Minister of Word and Sacrament.  Although Kelvin will continue to serve full-time with SIM East Asia as Deputy Regional Director and will not add towards the Pastoral Team headcount, he will continue to contribute to the pulpit ministry and conduct the sacraments.  So in that way, PSPC will be blessed with another Minister and have our overall capacity enhanced, especially as the sacraments will need to be conducted for the future Mandarin service and Saturday 5pm service.


The church marches under God’s banner according to His drumbeat.  In recent years, I had witnessed God’s banner of unity unfurled over PSPC.  It has become one of my key leadership convictions that so long as the church – from the staff to leadership to congregation – remains united in Christ and empowered by the Spirit, we can overcome gridlocks and stalemates to fulfill God’s kingdom purposes.  It was so for the past, it will remain so for the future.  In recent years, I had also tuned in to God’s drumbeat for PSPC.  I realized that it was a different drumbeat for different churches.  In God’s drumbeat for PSPC, I hear the summon to be strong and courageous.  Under God’s banner of unity and His drumbeat for strength and courage, let us press on “Proclaiming Salvation, Perfected in Christ.”  Amen.

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