Reclaiming a Life of Peace, Faith and Hope of Eternal Life in Christ


Our latest completion of the book of Romans has left us with much food for thought from His word which can guide us and guard our faith as we navigate the world that we live in.  I was mulling over recent world events, changes at work and personal matters at home and Romans 5:1-2 specifically spoke to me about the reclamation of a life of peace, faith and hope of the eternal glory of God as we persevere in our walk in Christ amidst a turbulent world that we live in.


Having Peace with God through Christ: Our Inner Serenity


Recently, I watched a CNN documentary on the unforgettable month of June in the history of London and was reminded about the multiple tragedies which struck the city, namely the wanton killing of civilians along the streets of London road and Borough market, the Grenfell Tower fire, and attack outside a mosque when a man drove his car into Muslim worshippers.  This coupled with several other mindless attacks throughout the world within the last 12 months underscore an increasingly restless world which struggles to fully understand the motives behind these atrocities and seeking to find peace and comfort in this mayhem.  Locally, we are not spared as we have constant reminders to be vigilant of similar attacks in our community.  However, just like Paul who found peace through faith in Christ in a turbulent first century Roman Empire background and the psalmist who sought shelter in the prevailing peace of God even when surrounded by the marauding enemies (Psalm 37:7, 46:10,11), we have a similar assurance.  Have you ever felt sometimes that your inner being is torn apart by disquieting tensions emanating from various sources?  They may be related to tight deadlines at work, heavy responsibilities, strained relationships, concerns about health, loved ones, accommodation, finances, ministry burdens and so on. Take heart as we can rest in Him through Christ who is our immovable rock, anchor, Prince of peace who can restore us as we entrust our concerns unto Him.


Gaining Access by Faith into this Grace: Our Upward Trust


We recently went through a round of year-end performance appraisal for all our staff and there is constant conversation about the need to be adaptable to changes within the organisation in the midst of major revamps.  There are some who feel disheartened by the ceaseless changes and others who feel that they may not be able to move as swiftly especially with ever quickening pace of automation and technological innovation.  For several others, constant high expectations to maintain efficiency whilst adapting to new routines can be anxiety provoking and deprived of joy.  Have you been in similar situations and yet have to deal with the challenge to be salt and light in the evolving marketplace?  In this regard, if we remember our vocation as a calling, we can indeed rejoice in His provision even in the changing routines of our work and working relationships.  Robert Banks in his book “Redeeming the Routines: Bringing Theology to Life” wrote that God is concerned about the seemingly trivial, routine aspects of our being and living including our daily work and even our daily chores such that there is nothing too petty to trust in His grace and presence to help us.  Indeed as we face the challenges around us, may we find comfort and renewed trust in these words in Paul’s most personal of letters, “But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’” (2 Corinthians 12:9)


Hope of the Glory of God: Our Eternal Inheritance


Since the death of my dad in January 2017, I have the privilege of being named as the executor of his will.  This has deepened my appreciation that whilst I am a beneficiary of dad’s inheritance by virtue of my biological relationship with my earthly dad, we are beneficiaries of God’s inheritance by virtue of our spiritual relationship with God through Christ.  In fact, Romans 8:15-17 and Galatians 4:4-7 state in no uncertain terms that as we come to faith in Christ, we are adopted as God’s children, heirs of God, and co-heirs with Christ which is a mind blowing truth.  That we are adopted as children into the kingdom and family of God that is not dependent on our biological ties but pure trust in Christ is a redeeming truth that is heart lifting, life changing and which must be shared with others.  Henceforth, we need to return to this truth and re-focus on Christ constantly as we have a spiritual inheritance that cannot be changed or taken away.  The world around us can fool us, the relationships that we have can disappoint as men are fallible, the work that we engage in can tire us, our health can fail us over time but our promised eternal inheritance through Christ in the Kingdom of God can surely revive, transform and sustain us.


As we face the restless, changing and fallen world around us, let us hold unswervingly to the changeless truths of God so that we can live a life of peace, faith and hope in Christ and be reaching out with these truths to others who have yet to know Him.


Eld Sim Kang


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