Our testimonies glorify God and demonstrate the life of the Spirit in the body of Christ.  Because of that, testimonies have the power to inspire and encourage us.

The “God at Work” series features testimonies of those who have witnessed

God’s work or experienced spiritual breakthroughs in their lives.


At the PSPC 174th Anniversary Service last Sunday, Delphine shared about

how she and her husband Kelvin first came to PSPC 9 months ago

and experienced a welcoming, disciple-making and caring church. 

We reproduced her testimony today for those who weren’t able to join us

at the Anniversary Service.  May we continue to press on to make PSPC

a welcoming, disciple-making and caring church for everyone.

Hi everyone, my name is Delphine.  First of all, I would like to thank Pastor Darryl for this opportunity to share our testimony, mine and my husband Kelvin’s, on our 9-month journey in PSPC.  We are now settled down in a cell group and also half way through our Discipleship Essentials Class.  In my testimony, allow me to share how we have experienced PSPC to be a welcoming, disciple-making and caring church.


A Welcoming Church

A girl friend of mine brought us here actually.  We were very quickly captivated by PSPC’s sermon delivery.  They were very structured.  Pastor Darryl and the speakers had made it easy for the congregation to understand each chapter with strong compelling messages.  We really look forward to come to PSPC every Sunday to learn more about God’s word.

We thought we could go unnoticed for months, but we were wrong.  By our second visit, a lovely couple took the initiative to introduce themselves to us, and then introduced us to Pastor and some elders who were standing at the side, and before we knew, we were led to the Visitors’ Corner in the Fellowship Hall.  It was like “speed dating” – we were a bit scared but also touched.  Everyone was so friendly and sincere.  PSPC warmed up our hearts very quickly.  We were, and are, still impressed by how structured and welcoming is this church and its members.


A Disciple-making Church

By our 3rd month, we were very sure that this is the church that we wanted to grow in.  And the next natural step is to look for a cell group to understand the Bible passage better.  Elder Sim Kang had swiftly provided me with a few cell group leaders’ contacts, and Kelvin and I started visiting PSPC cell groups.

We are introverts, so it was daunting initially as we did not know anyone in this church.  But our hearts were again warmed by each cell group visit.  Other than spiritual food from the Bible study, the physical food prepared was inviting.  For example, 1 cell group served aged premium cheese for supper, the other served sashimi as dinner starter, and another had doubled-boiled Cantonese soup.  Through each visit, Kelvin and I saw how PSPC cell groups have extended God’s love to each other and even to newcomers like us, and we witnessed how much they enjoyed the fellowship.

All the cell groups in PSPC follow the sermon topics and that allows us to learn in a very systematic manner.  Because the book of Romans was so “chim” (Dialect for “in-depth”), visiting 2 cell groups per week allowed us to learn the same chapter from even more people.  This may sound weird but the cell group visits got “addictive” after some time because everyone is so warm.  And we realised that the more people we know, the easier it is for us to settle down in PSPC.


A Caring Church

Kelvin and I visited 8 cell groups in 3 months and we have finally settled down in the East Coast cell group.  The cell group is huge, their bonding is strong but they are very inclusive and they genuinely care for us.  I remembered how I once had a tricky situation in life which bothered me a lot.  Both Kelvin & I did not know how to respond to it appropriately in a Christian-like manner, so our cell group leader lent us a listening ear and gave us his sound advice.  And a month ago, I was feeling very unwell and coughing badly, so one of the sisters in the cell group bought me a set of strong cough lozenges and home-delivered it to me.  Her courier speed won’t lose out to Uber and Grab.  And two weeks back, I casually told another sister that I am looking out for healthy nuts.  The next day, she turned up with over 10 bottles of beautifully packaged nuts for distribution to everyone including me.  Joining a cell group definitely has many benefits.  It allows us to strengthen our biblical knowledge and also give us an opportunity to support and love one another like a family.

I would like to encourage everyone in PSPC who have not joined a cell group to explore one today.  Kelvin and I have not looked back ever since we settled down in one.  Just as God has brought about many “coincidences” to deliver the Jews in the book of Esther, we are convinced that His footprints were present as we journeyed through our experiences here in PSPC.

As I end our sharing here, I would like to use this opportunity to thank all who had welcomed us to this church, the PCGM team that had helped us in our extensive cell group search, and all the cell group leaders and their members who had hosted us so warmly.  Last but not the least, a big thank you to my East Coast cell group leader Lawrence and all my cell group members for accepting us for who we are into your big family.  Thank you.

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