We are now in the month of June in the blink of an eye.  Yet when God is leading us, what a difference He has made in the blink of an eye?  As PSPC seeks to be a congregation that is “Proclaiming Salvation, Perfected in Christ,” we see God’s mighty hand leading us to break new grounds in evangelism and discipleship over the first half of the year.


Proclaiming Salvation

The PSPC Evangelism Masterplan is the anchor piece for “Proclaiming Salvation”.  It envisions PSPC as a beacon of light to reach out to the R.E.S.T. of the people: R – Residents; E – Employees; S – Students; T – Tourists.  The Pastoral Team has conducted a prayer walk a few weeks ago to begin to map out the vicinity and discern how best we can reach out to the R.E.S.T. of the people.

There is also significant progress being made for S – Students, which dovetails with PSPC’s long-term vision of Campus Outreach.  The TCH is preparing to renovate the Fellowship Hall so that it will be a conducive study and discussion space for campus students.  We are expecting this to be completed in time to reach out to the new intake of SMU students, particularly those living in the hostel beside PSPC.

We also give thanks that God has given PSPC the vision to be a beacon of light to migrant workers from Myanmar; T is not just for Tourists but also for Transient Workers.  Having issued the challenge at the Easter Sunday Service concerning the starting of the Myanmar outreach and service, we have seen congregants responding in various ways to support this vision.  At this point in time, we are firming up the outreach programme and preparing to launch the Myanmar outreach and service in July as part of our annual Missions-in-Focus (MIF) month.  For those of you who are still keen to find out how you can be involved, please contact Mary Chhuani.

As previously mentioned in the bulletin announcement, the triennial GoForth National Missions Conference will be from 9-11 July at [email protected] Lebar.  For those of us who wish to find out more about missions and how you can be involved, this is a Conference not to be missed.  But even for those who are unable to attend the day programme, there are free public rallies every evening.  Do sign up at the website (www.goforth.org.sg) before the early-bird registration deadline expires on 7 June.


Perfected in Christ

The PSPC Disciplemaking Roadmap is the anchor piece for “Perfected in Christ”.  It envisions PSPC to be a community of authentic disciples who apply biblical truth in accountable relationships for the purpose of advancing Christ’s kingdom.  We give thanks that we have had a very encouraging start by having 440 sign-ups for cell groups.  However, at the mid-point of this journey, we face the danger of slackening, losing interest or been distracted.  Thus, what is more important than starting well is continuing well.  It is our hope and prayer that the upcoming Church Camp can give us all a mid-point boost to renew our commitment to the Lord and to one another as we continue this journey of discipleship together.

The PCGM is the anchor ministry for this PSPC Disciplemaking Roadmap.  The Committee is in the midst of collating feedback from Cell Group Leaders/ Co-leaders on how the journey has been for the respective groups.  We also like to obtain feedback about the resources that are needed to support the journey.  In addition to the “Faith Alive” teaching series over the past few months, the Committee will be organizing more equipping sessions, e.g. a seminar on “Small Group Care” on Saturday, 30 August.  The Committee will provide more details in due time.  We remain committed to build up the cell group ministry because the cell group is the key vehicle of discipleship and the first line of congregational care.  For those who are not yet in a cell group, our encouragement to you is that there is never a better time than now to join one.  Do refer to the cell group listing in the bulletin and contact the Committee members.


Different Season, Same God

Last Sunday, we marked the retirement of Rev Chiam Cheng Kiat who completed his term of service – he had served 3 years as a Preacher and 4 years as an Associate Minister.  As a retired Minister, he will continue to teach the SMF Thursday Bible study and assist in conducting the Holy Communion.  We give thanks for his contributions to PSPC and wish him and his family well as they embark on a new season in their family life.

This also marks another season in PSPC’s leadership and congregational life.  The Pastoral Team and EDC have reorganized our ministry portfolio so that the work will continue.  While we experience different seasons, we have the same God who remains faithful to us and continues to call us to be strong and courageous.  We need to hear afresh the promises of God’s Word: “‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty (Zechariah 4:6).”

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