Science and The Christian Faith Conference

The Ethos Institute for Public Christianity is organising “Science and The Christian Faith Conference”.  The sciences have a great deal of prestige and cultural authority in the modern world, and many critics today appeal to the scientific view of our origins to disprove the Bible's account of creation.  This full-day conference will attempt to cover:

·        Session 1:   Science and Faith: Integrating Scientific and Theological                                     Knowledge in the Christian Worldview

·        Session 2:   Science and Origins: Evidence and Interpretations

·        Session 3:   Three Models of Creation: Integrating the Bible and Science

Date:           10 May (Wednesday – Public Holiday)

                       Time:          10am – 4pm

Venue:        The Bible House

(7 Armenian Street, Level 4, Seminar Room)

Speaker:     Dr Brian H Thomas

(Assistant Professor of New Testament,

Singapore Bible College)

This conference supports PSPC’s church theme of “Reaching Out, Transforming Lives” by equipping us with apologetics skills and deepening our understanding of different worldviews.  Admission is free, but registration is required for entry.  Those interested may register online (

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 10:00