Eld Sim Kang

Reclaiming a Life of Peace, Faith and Hope of Eternal Life in Christ


Our latest completion of the book of Romans has left us with much food for thought from His word which can guide us and guard our faith as we navigate the world that we live in.  I was mulling over recent world events, changes at work and personal matters at home and Romans 5:1-2 specifically spoke to me about the reclamation of a life of peace, faith and hope of the eternal glory of God as we persevere in our walk in Christ amidst a turbulent world that we live in.


Having Peace with God through Christ: Our Inner Serenity


Thinking of Tembusu…….

Since the beginning of this year, our huddle group comprising of several CG leaders has been meeting once a month for a time of sharing, encouragement and prayers in the context of small group accountability within the discipleship journey.  Our current rendezvous location is a small pavilion on top of Kent Ridge Park which provides the idyllic vantage point for a panoramic view of the West Coast landscape amidst the chirping of birds and rustle of leaves in the early morning breeze.

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