Mary Chhuani

Parenting Troubled Youth

Millions of youth are at risk to problems which many social workers have linked to family dissolution.  These problems include academic failure, getting into fights, drugs, and rejection by others, depression, health challenges and many other anti-social behaviors.  Such problems may also be faced by youth coming from unhappy, conflict-ridden homes, and even in cases where their parents are not divorced.  All these marital conflicts affect a child’s school performance, ability to form friendships and even increase their susceptibility to illness.

Counting on God’s Grace

Have you ever gone through the path that is so dark and narrow in your life that you had a thought of not seeing another day?  Or have you had fear that is so real that the thought of not seeing another day came across your mind?


A year ago, I went through one of the darkest moments in my adult life.  I had postpartum hemorrhage after giving birth to Ellis.  I was praying in my heart as the doctors and nurses were trying to stop the bleeding with much care and love.


Psalm 19

The Psalms play a very important role not only in ancient Israel but also for us today.  For instance, in many worship services and special services, including funerals, the Psalms are read and sung because they are relevant in different seasons of lives.  I count it a great joy to study the book of Psalms for the first half of this year in PSPC.


Psalm 19

The psalms played a very important role not in ancient Israel but also for us today.  For instance, the psalms are either read or sang in many worship services.  This year, from January till June, we studied the book of Psalms from the pulpit and in cell groups.  I have found the psalms very helpful in my personal walk with God because they refresh my soul. 


If a friend ask you what is prayer?  How will you answer?  The answers will depend on what you think prayer is.  Many people think prayer is talking with God and listening to Him. For others, prayer is like talking to a very close friend or it’s so holy that they need a specific place to pray.  Let’s look at what Jesus teaches us about prayer and how He has set an example in the Gospel of Luke.

Christian Education

Christian Education in the Book of Acts

          Christian education (CE) in the early church took place largely at gatherings in the believers’ house. Food would be served at those gatherings. Very often after the meal, the believers would be taught the teaching of Jesus Christ (Acts 2:42-47, 4:33-37). They will learn Christian doctrines and how to live an obedient lifestyle. There was also a general sentiment that every believer is called to be a missionary, and thus everyone was encouraged to bear witness to unbelievers.

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