Eld Long Seh Wei

A Talent and A Bit (The ROI)

As a qualified accountant, it is a professional hazard to almost always include a story about money or investment.  Hence, I would like to share my reflection about my first term as an elder with the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14 - 30).


My discipleship journey and calling!

It was Rev Ridge Orr’s final year with us at PSPC and my penultimate year in the Court, as it was known then.  As a Deacon, I asked Rev Ridge to pray for me if I should take over from Deacon Siau King Ing as chairman of  Prinsep Cell Group Ministry (PCGM) since Deacon Siau was into his last year of service in the Court.  What Rev Ridge did was totally unexpected.  In the ensuing weeks, when he was completing the portfolio for the Court in May, he had put me with Deacon Siau to lead PCGM although all I had wanted him to do for me was just to pray for direction and confirmation of the call!

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