Mrs Jess Goh

Doing What is Good

In my previous job, I was involved in implementing a new finance system.  It was a very challenging role because the deadline to roll out the system was very tight.  I worked days and nights to test the system to make sure the system could cater to all kinds of unusual scenarios.  I had the privilege of working with a group of consultants who were also very passionate about the project.  We were so totally obsessed with the project.  During lunch time, we would also be talking about work.

Reaching Out, Transforming Lives

On 28 December 2016, I prayed the sinner’s prayer with one of my GB graduates.  This is the first time I’ve led someone to Christ after being a Christian for some 26 years!


Many years ago, I asked Michael if he would be willing to go out to the mission field because I believed that is where we will truly experience God’s provision.  His answer was a straight no because that is not his calling.  He believed he is called to serve in the corporate world.  I did not push further because I was not sure if I would be courageous enough to serve in the mission field too.

I Have Passed My Probation!

There is a saying “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”.  For me to be able to successfully serve fulltime, I have a supportive husband, Michael Goh, behind me.  Without his support, I would not have the courage to serve in church.  He knows me best and knows my temperament, and with him being a Human Resource expert, I trusted his recommendation to take on the role.


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