Mrs Jess Goh

Reaching Out, Transforming Lives

On 28 December 2016, I prayed the sinner’s prayer with one of my GB graduates.  This is the first time I’ve led someone to Christ after being a Christian for some 26 years!


Many years ago, I asked Michael if he would be willing to go out to the mission field because I believed that is where we will truly experience God’s provision.  His answer was a straight no because that is not his calling.  He believed he is called to serve in the corporate world.  I did not push further because I was not sure if I would be courageous enough to serve in the mission field too.

I Have Passed My Probation!

There is a saying “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”.  For me to be able to successfully serve fulltime, I have a supportive husband, Michael Goh, behind me.  Without his support, I would not have the courage to serve in church.  He knows me best and knows my temperament, and with him being a Human Resource expert, I trusted his recommendation to take on the role.


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