With thanksgiving to God, the breadth and depth of PSPC’s ministries have developed over the years so much so that we are in constant need of more co-workers.  Therefore, it is timely that our church theme for 2018 is “Equip Holistically, Serve Faithfully”.  Specifically, we intend to adopt a 3-prong approach – Encourage, Equip, Engage – to deal with the 3 pertinent questions when it comes to service.


1.       Why Should I Serve?


To deal with this question of Motivation, we intend to Encourage from the pulpit.  We will begin our sermon and Bible study series with the book of Ecclesiastes (January – April) and then followed by a topical series on Spiritual Gifts (April – June).  After the Missions-in-Focus month in July, we will study 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus (August – end November).  Leveraging on the cell group which is the key vehicle of discipleship, we wish to see cell group members encouraging one another in ministry and service.


We have also rostered different ministry co-workers to share their testimonies in the church bulletin on a monthly basis.  We hope that their introduction of their respective ministries, as well as sharing their joy and satisfaction of being used by God will be a source of encouragement for more congregants to be involved.  In addition to these testimonies, the Pastoral Team will also feature monthly articles on ministry and service in the church bulletin.


2.       How Should I Serve?


To deal with this next question of Training, we intend to Equip congregants by having a topical sermon and Bible study series on Spiritual Gifts (April – June 2018).  It is our intention that through this series, we can help congregants to discover, develop and deploy their spiritual gifts.


3.       Where Should I Serve?


To deal with this last question of Deployment, we intend to Engage congregants by rostering ministries to set up co-workers’ recruitment booths in the Fellowship Hall during the Spiritual Gifts sermon series so that congregants may find out more about these ministries as well as the needs which they may be available, able or spiritually-gifted to fill.


All our generational ministries from children to senior members will have events such as talks, workshops, retreats and camps to fulfill this church theme throughout the year.  So do look out for more details from the respective generational ministries.




New Life Ministry


          PSPC’s first venture into Prison Ministry was with the Prison Fellowship Singapore (PFS) Angel Tree Christmas Hamper delivery a few years ago.  Since those nascent days of delivering Christmas hampers to the inmates’ family members, we witnessed God’s hand leading us to develop the Prison Ministry by organising After-Care events for former inmates and their families, sending volunteers to conduct In-Care prison chapels and finally receiving former inmates into PSPC.  With this trajectory of development, our Prison Ministry has been renamed New Life Ministry to signify the newness of life in Christ that former inmates and their families will experience through this ministry.


PSPC – A Beacon of Light to Migrant Workers


          PSPC’s Myanmar Outreach was launched in 2013 to leverage on the presence of the Mizo Christian Fellowship here in PSPC.  Its ministry objective was to reach out to Burmese domestic helpers by teaching English using Bible stories.  Over time, some Mizo and Indonesian domestic helpers started to attend as well.  So the team decided to broaden the scope to domestic helpers from all nationalities by renaming it as “HELLO Class” – HELLO being an acronym for “Helping English Learners through Listening and Oracy”.  The biblical vision of church is one of God’s people from different languages, tribes and tongues.  With this broadening of scope, we give thanks that PSPC can be a beacon of light and welcome to migrant workers while they are here in Singapore.


Launch of PSPC Mandarin Service


Since April 2017, we have stepped up our Chinese Ministry fellowship gatherings from monthly to weekly frequency.  We give thanks to God that He has raised up a core team of co-workers so that we can launch the Mandarin Service in January 2018.  With this ministry breakthrough, we pray God will open up for PSPC a new harvest field among Mandarin-speaking parents and congregants.  The Chinese Ministry will also start an English class to reach out to Mandarin-speaking foreign students who wish to learn English.  God had used such an outreach initiative to start the Chinese Ministry many years ago and we pray that this will help extend the outreach of our Mandarin Service.


PSPC 175th Anniversary Service (1843 – 2018)


          It is with thanksgiving to God that PSPC will celebrate 175 years of God’s faithfulness in September 2018.  Over the years, we witnessed God’s mighty hand at work leading us to break new grounds and claim His promises.  Let us remain faithful to God as He continues to reform, renew and revive us.  Amen.



Rev Darryl Chan

Senior Minister

With Pastoral Team and EDC

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