In this “God at Work” series, Ng Chern Nee shares

about how she had relied on her own abilities to go through life.

All was fine until her world collapsed with an unexpected news. 

This set her on a path of discovering God and His wonderful purposes for her life.

She completed the Discipleship Class and is currently in the

Membership Class to prepare for baptism on Easter Sunday.


I grew up in a Taoist family where my parents used to go to temples and pray to idols.  As a child, I followed them in their religious practices, yet deep within me, I never quite believed in these deities.  When I was studying in university, the Christian group was very active and was trying to evangelise the students.  However, I never quite understood why they would gather together to pray before exams. For me, I would rather study hard instead of praying for divine intervention.  After graduation and throughout my working life, I didn’t follow any religious practices but relied more on my moral upbringing to be a good person at work and at home – I paid my taxes on time, treated people respectfully and donated to charity.  I aimed to be a hardworking employee, a filial daughter, a good wife, a good mother and generally a good person.  When I needed help, I sought advice from my parents and sisters or simply tried to find a way out.  I did not turn to any god(s) to help me.


I thought my moral upbringing and well-disciplined life would be sufficient for life’s challenges.  So I did not think too much about religion, the purpose of life or the idea of who is the Creator, until the day the doctors told me in 2007 that my son is autistic.


My world collapsed.  I cried buckets.  I didn’t know why this would happen to my family.  Even as I read books on what I could do to help him and even as I tried to keep my sanity at home and in the office, I was falling into depression.  Two close colleagues (Lai Kok Choo was one of them) gave me the book, “The Purpose-Driven Life” by Rick Warren, in 2 different weeks in that same month.  Up till this day, I thanked them for giving me the book.


The reading of the book piqued my interest in God, and I was keen to know more about this wonderful God who loved us so much.  I was searching for the answers to this question: “What is my purpose in life?  Why did God let me be the mother of a special-needs child?”  I was then invited by Kok Choo to attend a PSPC event that showed the movie, “Letters to God”.  After that event, I prayed to God and asked Him to help unclog my busy weekend to make time for church.  And so He did, and I started attending PSPC every Sunday.


And what a journey it has been!  Whilst my knowledge of God still needs deepening, I truly believe God is the Creator of this earth, the universe, and all of us!  He calls us by our name and has a plan for each of us.  God is my almighty Father and He is the one whom we can lean on in our times of need and darkness.  In our weaknesses, He is strong.  And I have many moments of weaknesses over the last 7 years that I have come to lean on God for strength, grace and forgiveness.  In 2010, I accepted Jesus Christ to be my Savour.  How has God transformed my life?


1.                 God has given me peace and replenished my energy on a daily basis.  God has been the anchor in my life.  Without God’s presence and being able to pray to Him, I would not be able to go through these many difficult years with peace and love in my heart.  I truly believe God will provide for all my needs and that of my family.


2.                 God has made me a kinder and gentler person – I remind myself that each human is made in God’s likeness.  We are all equals in the eyes of God.  That has made me a less impatient person, more tolerant when things don’t go well and generally more understanding of others at work and at home.


3.                 God’s Holy Spirit empowers me every day and He has given me a purpose – Everything that I do is for His glory.  Whether at work or at home, my sole purpose in life is to glorify God.  At work, I thank God for my corporate skills and the team that He has given me to lead.  At home, I thank God for my 2 sons and how He has given them to me to nurture and care for.  God’s Spirit fills and empowers me to do all things for His glory.


4.                 God in the workplace – I am part of my company’s Christian fellowship.  I also have a weekly prayer session with a colleague where we gather to pray for each other’s families and work matters.


I have begun to share the Gospel to colleagues at work.  Some time ago, I gave “The Purpose Driven Life” to a colleague.  I pray to God to give me the courage to spread the Gospel to friends and families so that we can learn how wonderful our God is.