Just as a body, though one, has many parts,

but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.

1 Corinthians 12:12

Church Staff Chinese New Year Lunch in February 2017


In this “God at Work” series, our intern Marie Toh shares her reflections

as she completes her 10-month Prinsep Internship Programme (PIP) at the end of July.  After this internship, Marie will prepare to further her studies.


Hello!  I am Marie Toh and have recently completed my PIP in church.  It has been a very insightful and enriching season where God has taught and deposited many things in my heart, but one of the most prominent lessons was the theme of community within the body of Christ.  As someone who is naturally quiet and contented with just having my family and a few friends as my “community”, I never really gave much thought about what it truly means to be part of the “Body of Christ”.  To me, it felt like something that was nice to have but not really “necessary” and that doing His work can still be done with or without it.


So when I first decided to take on this internship, the whole idea of doing arts within the church was quite overwhelming, especially since I was going to be the only “arts person”.  During the few months where I was “the only arts person”, I did feel discouraged that things weren’t moving as quickly as I had hoped it would and there were times I felt that there was no one in church I could discuss things and ideas that were really on my heart for the Creative Arts Ministry.  As I continued to pray for His guidance, I was also working with Crea (Cru’s arts ministry that disciples arts students) where I was able to learn more about what goes into arts ministry, but the difficulty I faced was how to appropriate it within the context of PSPC where there are more than just arts students.


But in His good timing, Levene came on board the PIP and I was amazed at how we were instantly on the same page and heart for what we hope to see in PSPC.  It was truly amazing to have someone to bounce off ideas with and pray together with.  Along the way He also brought many like-minded people from church who shares the same heart and hope as us.  I was amazed at how God was moving even when I was doubtful, and how His plans are far greater than anything we can even try to plan.


As I look back now, I had some time to reflect on not just the arts but also the church as a whole.  Being in Church Office every week has really opened my eyes to how much thought and careful planning goes into each and every service and event which is always covered in prayer.  I confess there were many times my mind was too preoccupied with the arts that I forget that God’s kingdom is so much more than just the arts.  From the BB & GB to the Mizo ministry, to having a full-time Chinese Preacher or just having deep spiritual conversations with people in church, God is moving very significantly in PSPC and I had the privilege to witness and be a small part of His hand in action.


Not only that, I do believe PSPC is blessed with good leaders and workers who serve with humility and use their gifts and talents exactly the way God created them to be. This is how a healthy Body of Christ should be, that each individual functions exactly how our Father created them, and as a collective, work together and serve one another with the love that Christ has given to us.


This was a very personal lesson, for I realised God never intended for anyone of us to do anything alone.  Sometimes there is a temptation to want to do everything on my own, be it creating works, starting a ministry or going for missions.  But our Lord is a God of community, and He always had the idea of community in mind.  Even God Himself, the Holy Trinity, is 3 Persons working together in unity.


I will miss this community when I leave; I didn't think being here will make much of an impact but it did.  But I know that all of us will continue working as ONE universal body of Christ, and that no matter where we are or where He calls us, He will continue to grow us and teach us, individually and as a collective, to glorify His name.

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