Thanksgiving – that is how many people will feel when a year ends and another year begins.  But perhaps, thanksgiving may even be an understatement as I looked back at God’s mighty hand in leading PSPC to be a community of disciples who are “Proclaiming Salvation, Perfected in Christ”.

1.      Proclaiming Salvation

 In terms of our outreach and evangelism, we witnessed the starting of the Myanmar outreach and service in August, the consolidation of all our social concern ministries under the umbrella of “Love in Action”, as well as the spearheading work to launch the BB Junior Company at Pioneer Primary School.  Furthermore, we witnessed the sending of a large number of mission teams, e.g. GB CIP trip to Vietnam, NA mission team, Ming mission team, Myanmar ministry exploratory trip, EP Japan mission team and Chiang Rai mission team – which has the largest number of PLH trippers compared to previous years.  I see God’s mighty hand at work in PSPC.  In 2015, we will continue to see the following breakthroughs in our outreach and evangelism:

A.            BB Junior Company

This year, we will celebrate the BB 85th anniversary (1930 – 2015) as well as the BB 1st Company’s 20 years of partnership with Pioneer Secondary School.  The new intake and enrollment of BB Boys for the BB 1st (J) Company in Pioneer Primary School will be a major highlight for our outreach and evangelism.

     B.        Myanmar Outreach

PSPC is to be a beacon of light to foreigners and migrant workers.  The Myanmar outreach and service will be brought forward to Sunday late morning/ early afternoon instead of last year’s late afternoon/ early evening.  This earlier time slot will facilitate the attendance of the Myanmar nationals as well as the long-term sustainability of our outreach team.  With this earlier time slot, we hope to recruit more co-workers who have the burden to be involved in this outreach.

     C.        A House of Worship

As PSPC seeks to be a beacon of light, we have entered into a partnership with Open Doors Christian Fellowship – a Filipino congregation which is led by Rev Fitz who has been conducting Bible study for our Filipino Ministry.  This partnership means that we will have a full-fledged Filipino service on Sunday afternoons.  Thus from 2015 onwards, we will have the Filipino service at level 2, the Myanmar service at level 3 and the Mizo service at level 4.  Worship songs in Tagalog, Burmese and Mizo will fill the corridors of PSPC as we witness a glimpse of heaven where all nations, tribes and tongues gather in worship.


2.      Perfected in Christ

In terms of our discipleship, I am deeply thankful to the Lord for leading us as we embarked on our PSPC Disciplemaking Roadmap in 2014.  Using the church theme of “Authentic Discipleship, Intentional Disciplemaking”, we rolled out a church-wide study of Greg Ogden’s “Discipleship Essentials” which was led by the pulpit ministry and reinforced by PCGM Bible study.  The PCGM Committee has received wonderful testimonies of congregants who had benefitted much from the study series.  I see God’s mighty hand at work in PSPC.  The completion of this church-wide study of “Discipleship Essentials” is a milestone in our PSPC Disciplemaking Roadmap.  The journey will continue this year:

     A.        Spiritual Friendship

Those congregants who had joined a cell group in 2014 and completed the “Discipleship Essentials” study series can look forward to continue their discipleship journey by fostering small group spiritual friendships.  In our PSPC Disciplemaking Roadmap, we believe that even a cell group of 10 to 12 people may be too big to foster small group spiritual friendships.  Hence, the PCGM Committee will partner with Rev Dr Tan Soo Inn to adopt the model in his book, “3-2-1: Following Jesus in Threes”, to foster spiritual friendships.

B.            Discipleship Class

In 2015, we will start new Discipleship Classes for those newcomers and congregants who wish to enrol in the study of “Discipleship Essentials”.  Henceforth, the Discipleship Class will be an integral part of PSPC’s Christian Education programme: Discovery Class → Exploring Christian Living Class → Discipleship Class → Membership Class.  In this way, we will have a systematic and intentional way of ensuring that all our congregants undergo the same discipleship journey.

                       C.       Leadership Training

The PCGM Committee is working with all cell groups to identify and equip prospective cell group leaders/ co-leaders.  They will undergo a 1-year preparation using Greg Ogden’s “Leadership Essentials”.  In this way, we have a systematic and intentional way to raise up more disciplers who are equipped to be deployed as Sunday School teachers, PLH mentors, TCH mentors and cell group leaders/ co-leaders.


3.      Heartfelt Worship, Unceasing Prayers

Having completed last year’s church theme of “Authentic Discipleship, Intentional Disciplemaking”, our church theme for 2015 is “Heartfelt Worship, Unceasing Prayers”.  It brings me great joy to share with you how we intend to fulfil this church theme from the pulpit all the way to the worship and prayer ministries so as to deepen our worship and prayer lives.

     A.        Christian Education

The Psalms played a significant role in Israelite worship and prayer and so we will launch this church theme with a pulpit and Bible study series on selected Psalms that will bring us all the way to end June.  After the Missions-in-Focus month in July, we will study 1, 2, 3 John from August to November before ending with the Advent series.

     B.        Sunday Worship Services

In terms of our Sunday worship, we have given the Sunday bulletin cover a fresh new look.  On alternate Sundays, specially-selected hymn stories will be published in the church bulletin; the Pastoral Team and Elders will still contribute their Reflections on other Sundays.  I hope that our awareness of how God had inspired the hymn writers will deepen our appreciation of hymns and spiritual songs.  The Worship Ministry will organise musician training.  The Church Office will also work on the reprinting of our Supplementary Hymnals.

     C.        Choral and Music Ministries

Our choral and music ministries, the Joyful Voices, Believers and Choir, will step up and enhance their ministry to the rest of the congregation.  The Joyful Voices will start presenting items at the 8am service occasionally, the Believers will organise the “Heart of Worship” event and the Choir will start presenting anthems at the 8.45am service periodically.  In so doing, these choral ministries will also hope to step up the recruitment of singers.  Congregants who wish to find out more may speak to the respective choral ministries.

     D.        PSPC Prayer Life

For our PSPC prayer life, the Pastoral Team will work towards deepening the prayer life of their respective generational ministries.  The monthly Church Prayer Meeting will be modified into “Prayer and Praise” to foster a more worshipful and prayerful time of intercession.  This year, the Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) will be renamed Jubilee Day of Prayer (JDOP) as Singapore celebrates our Jubilee (SG50).  So on 5 July 2015, a total of 50,000 Christians will congregate at the Sports Hub for the JDOP.  This will be a highlight for PSPC as we focus on our church theme.


4.      From Strength to Strength

Our PSPC Pastoral Team continues to grow with the additional recruitment of Preacher Victor Chan.  His main ministry portfolio includes Men’s Ministry, Senior Members Fellowship, Congregational Care, Love in Action, Family Life Ministry, Marriage Preparation Class, Exploring Christian Living Class.  As the Pastoral Team serves together with the Elders, Deacons as well as ministry leaders and co-workers, we believe that PSPC is under God’s mighty hand, upholding us to fulfil His will and leading us to advance His kingdom.  To God be the glory!