We give thanks for God’s work in Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church (PSPC) as we fulfilled the church theme of “Christ-centred Relationships, Godly Families” in 2016 through the sermon series as well as church and ministry-level events.  Here in P.S.P.C., ‘P’ stands for “Parenting and Marriage”, so even though this church theme is over, it continues to be PSPC’s long-term vision to strengthen marriages and families.  One of the key initiatives in 2016 was the Whole Life Inventory Survey that was conducted by Focus on the Family.  The leadership will be studying the Whole Life Inventory report and will continue our partnership and consultation with Focus on the Family.  We believe that to impact society, we need to strengthen the church; to strengthen the church, we need to build strong families; to build strong families, we need to strengthen marriages; to build strong marriages, we need to strengthen the discipleship of men and women.


We are pleased to announce that the church theme for 2017 is “Reaching Out, Transforming Lives” and to share with you some key highlights for the year.  The dates of these events are stated in the church calendar in the PSPC Handbook.


1.     Pulpit Ministry: This year marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation (1517 – 2017).  Therefore, we will begin our sermon and Bible study series with the book of Romans (January – June) since Romans has a special place in Reformation history.  After the Missions-in-Focus month in July, we will study the book of Esther (August – early October) before launching into a topical sermon and Bible study series on Reformation doctrines that will span across Reformation Sunday (29 October) till the start of the Advent season.


2.     Christian Education:  To enable PSPC to fulfill this church theme, our Evangelism and Discipleship Committee (ED.Com) will be organising an apologetics and/or conversational evangelism seminar that will help equip congregants to share and defend the faith.  Our Prinsep Cell Group Ministry (PCGM) will also organize introductory overviews on the books of Romans and Esther.  All congregants are invited to attend these overviews to complement their Bible study.  Furthermore, as part of our observance of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, PSPC is hosting BGST lectures on John Calvin’s “Institutes of Christian Religion” in January as well as a talk on “Reformation to Reaching Out” in September.  We commend these events to you for your learning and equipping.


3.     Church Camp:  We are pleased to inform you that this year’s Church Camp (7-11 June 2017) will bring us back to Port Dickson where we are privileged to have Bishop Emeritus Robert Solomon, former Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore, to speak on the book of Jonah.  This is a fulfillment of our church theme because though the prophet Jonah was sent to proclaim God’s message of salvation to Nineveh, he himself was in need of being transformed by the message too.  Do mark this down in your calendar!


4.     Evangelism:  The ED.Com will be organising another round of Alpha Training.  We will like to invite the congregants to attend this training to enhance evangelism and apologetics skills.  Our next run of the Alpha Course will start in February, so do start praying about who you can invite.  In addition, the ED.Com is also looking into organising soccer and badminton events so that we can invite and reach out to our family and friends.  In the second half of the year, the Believers Music Ministry will also be putting up a Friendship Musical on 9-10 September.


5.     Chinese Ministry:  Since October 2016, we have restarted our Chinese Ministry on a monthly basis.  We believe that this Chinese Ministry will enhance our evangelism and discipleship to Mandarin-speaking contacts, pastoral care to our parents, as well as social concern for Sarah Senior Activity Centre and Prison Ministry.  So do look out for further details on the Chinese Ministry in our bulletin announcement.


6.     Discipleship and Life Transformation:  PSPC is an intentional disciplemaking church with a discipleship process that starts from Alpha Course to Discipleship Class to Membership Class.  Once a month, we will be featuring in the church bulletin the testimonies of those congregants who have experienced spiritual breakthroughs in their lives so that we can be inspired and encouraged by God’s work in PSPC.


7.     PSPC – A City Church in the ‘Arts Triangle’:  God has called PSPC not just to be a city church, but even more so, a city church in the ‘Arts Triangle’ – a triangle formed by linking LaSalle, NAFA and SOTA.  As a follow-up to the inaugural PSPC Arts Exhibition in April 2016, we are preparing to start a PSPC Artists’ Fellowship to bring together all those congregants who are involved in Arts, Design and Media (ADM).  To reach out to music students in these campuses, another committee was formed to organize a PSPC Music Fest.  Through these breakthroughs in our outreach, PSPC is taking another step towards the fulfillment of being a beacon of light to the arts and music community.


8.     Generational Ministries:  All our generational ministries from the children to the senior members will have ministry events such as talks, dialogues, workshops, retreats and camps to fulfill this church theme throughout the year.  So do look out for more details from the respective generational ministries.


God has called PSPC to be “Proclaiming Salvation, Perfected in Christ”.  It is our prayer that PSPC will fulfill all that God has in store for us through these church-wide and generational ministry initiatives, so that we will constantly be reaching out while witnessing the transforming power of God in people’s lives.  May God help us and to God be the glory.  Amen.