Hi, I am Anna Chen from the Children’s Ministry – currently teacher of Primary 4 class!  I have been exposed to the Children’s Ministry since my early teenage years when I was helping my late father Mr Chou See King who was then the Superintendent of our Primary School Department.  For years I was assisting him in running the Sunday School and teaching various classes.


I took over the reins from him when he had to step down from the Sunday School ministry due to his poor health.  Since then, I have been with the Sunday School ministry in various capacities: as the Sunday School Superintendent twice and a teacher ever since!


The Children’s Ministry looks after the children’s growth in Bible studies similar to adult’s cell groups/Bible study!  There are times that teachers have to counsel children if they have problems.  To equip myself to be effective, I attended courses by Scripture Union, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Asian Evangelism Fellowship and finally at Trinity Theological College!


It’s not always plain sailing as there are times when some children have disciplinary issues or when they face difficulties but as teachers we recognize that they are actually going through the rite of passage and that’s where we have to pray with them and talk through things with them.  We know that they are wonderfully made and loved by Jesus, and are lovable and can be very caring too!  They show their love for Jesus in their own ways.  It’s extremely endearing to see them grow in their faith and eventually go forward to openly accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour!  Children are God-given and it’s our duty to help them grow not only to be academically successful, but more importantly, to be spiritually mature.


The Children’s Ministry has been trying to get more congregants to come forward to serve in this demanding but rewarding ministry!  While we prepare the weekly Bible lessons for the children we too are learning from the Bible!  The children learn more about Jesus through the songs they sing and the various activities in class.  They know Jesus loves them dearly and they will learn how to love Jesus and their friends too, following in Jesus’ steps!  In turn, they learn to serve the Lord and one another!  Jesus said, “Let the little ones come to Me”; “The harvest is plenty but workers are few”.  It would be great if more of you can come forward to serve the Lord in this ministry – we need you!  Bless you – all glory to God!  Amen!


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